Our Green Policy
Crete Colors India is part of a dynamic global family of companies under the Crete Colors flag. As such, we understand what it means to be a singular entity in a globalized world and recognize that we all have an obligation to preserve this planet which we call home. Crete Colors India is thus dedicated to utilizing only products that reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Crete Colors India is proud that our global partners share the same environmental principles as we have here in India. Our C2 range of lithium based products are water based, bio-friendly and planet-safe. By offering “Green Lithium Technology” to our clients in their projects, they too can share in our dream of a green future.

Crete Colors International is proud to be a member of the United States Green Building Council.

Crete Colors India is proud to be a member of the India Green Building Council.

We are also in the midst of applying for our C2 range of lithium based products to be included into the Singapore Green Label Scheme, which is a globally recognized ecolabel scheme.

Standards & Memberships
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