Crete Colors India and Bekaert Industries Pvt. Ltd. are business associates.
About Bekaert
Founded in 1880 by Leo Leander Bekaert , Bekaert has Customers in 120 countries and in the most diverse industry sectors with a Global manufacturing platform , 23 000 employees worldwide and a Combined sales of 3.34 billion euros Bekaert is one of the strongest brands in the sector.

Bekaert is active worldwide in applications of its two core competencies: advanced metal transformation and advanced materials and coatings. The combination of these competencies makes Bekaert unique. Bekaert, headquartered in Belgium, is a technological leader and serves a worldwide customer base in a variety of industry sectors.

Building with Bekaert
Bekaert products are widely used in the construction sector. Dramix® has given Bekaert a leading position in the steel fiber concrete reinforcement market. In 1979, Bekaert introduced Dramix® steel fibers for concrete reinforcement, designed to offer an alternative to traditional steel mesh and bar reinforcement that is easy to use. Applications of Dramix® steel fibers include industrial floors, pre-cast elements, tunneling and mining, residential applications and public works.
Bekaert India Introduction
Bekaert India started it’s operations in the year 1999, Dramix was launched in 1985 into the Indian market through an Indian Partner .During these years Bekaert achieved a strong leadership position in the shotcrete industry.

In 2007, Bekaert started its own operations for building Products, to strengthen the shotcrete market and begin a focused effort on the flooring segment. Beginning with 7 odd projects in the first year, Dramix business has been growing leaps and bounds with an average YOY growth of an astonishing 70 %. Within three years of it’s operations Building Products India had a strong list of 200 projects all across India covering applications from residential roads to container Terminal. Now team India is clocking success at an average rate of a New City / One Clientele per week.

This was also possible because of strong associations with channel partners Year 2010 witnessed bagging prestigious projects like Toyota, Rohtang Road Tunnel, Mahindra Automotives and Milestone warehousing etc.

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