What is Superflat Floor?
Floors which support vehicular traffic along paths that are defined and do not change during the life of the floor surface are normally referred to as “Superflat” and are also known as defined traffic floors.

Defined traffic normally applies to very-narrow-aisles (VNA) ware-houses in which VNA forklift trucks travel the same path, in the same direction, every day.

This type of most advanced material handling system requires the installation of a very flat (non-wavy and level) floor with controlled accuracy and far much tighter tolerances than conventional slabs.

Tolerances for conformance are measured by purpose built floor flatness / levelness measuring instrument.

Superflat Floor Standards
Floor installation to be in accordance with the Guidelines as described in ACI 302.1R for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction.

Floor finish tolerances for various uses shall conform to the flatness and levelness requirements set forth in ACI 117.

Finished floor surface profile to be measured in accordance with ASTM E1155 “Standard Test Method for Determining Floor Flatness and Floor Levelness” using Face Floor Profile Numbers (F-number System).

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